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Who We Help

We specialize in helping young women with issues related to adoption and attachment including Reactive Attachment Disorder from ages 12 through 17.
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Our Approach

Our approach is comprehensive and holistic in nature. We view what we do as the creation of a partnership between you, your daughter and us.  We are all in this together to help your family heal. We achieve this partnership by operating a full positive peer culture (PPC) program that is specifically designed to facilitate healing for girls suffering from trauma and attachment related issues. 
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Treatment Methods

Your daughter will receive her own personalized master treatment plan that will set out the types and intensities of therapy she will receive.  This treatment plan will be modified throughout her stay as her needs and issues develop throughout her treatment.  In general, your daughter will receive weekly individual and family therapy as well as group therapy on a daily basis.  She will also participate in our unique equine therapy program on a daily basis. 


We take advantage of our physical surroundings and will involve your daughter in outdoor and recreational therapeutic opportunities, such as rock climbing and hiking, as often as possible.  We will also involve your daughter in music and art therapy as well as community service opportunities.  We also employ a number of therapeutic modalities including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing as well as other proven and research based methods including those developed by Holly Van Gulden, a leading expert in treating trauma and attachment issues.
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Our Team

We are fortunate to work with professionals who have dedicated to providing the proper treatment for children struggling with attachment disorder and their families. 

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Our Facility

Research indicates that more and more parents are looking for residential treatment that is delivered in a smaller, more intimate and home-like environment.  We believe this is the best way to treat our girls so that there is a feeling of home even when they are away from home.  Our girls live in a clean, well-maintained residential envornment.

Treatment Costs

Our admissions team will help you step by step to access treatment funding through your state adoption assistance program, IEP funds, insurance, or Medicaid in order to cover our monthly rate. If your daughter has the therapeutic diagnosis that we treat it is likely that you are eligible for funding through one or more sources.

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