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Art Therapy

Zion Hill’s Art Therapy program is based on the renowned program developed by Dr. Judith Davis and Joeann Tesar entitled Drawing on Emotion—the Healing Power of Paint and from the accompany book It’s Your Brain! Train It!  While the program is designed to provide maximum therapeutic benefit, it is administered by our qualified art teacher so that educational credit can be issued as appropriate.

Dr. Davis and Ms. Tesar describe the program as follows:

"This program encourages the capturing of emotion and the documentation of feeling in one's own distinct way through the unique images the participant creates on paper.  It is up to the individual to become acquainted with and find a greater understanding of self through their singular language of pictures.  Repeating these thought exercises that are designed to cycle over and over again, helps ensure success and the application of a more self-sufficient and responsible decision-making process that is necessary for life building confidence.  A more thorough understanding and assimilation of simple yet complex new ways of thinking about ourselves, the planned repetition becomes an essential element in creating a shift in the way one feels and understands their emotional landscape."


Drawing on Emotion - The Healing Power of Paint encourages the exploration of an individual's innate creativity by fostering an environment of compassion and tolerance of individual expression as a process of learning to accept and provide one's inner voice a positive vehicle of expression.

Standard, traditional techniques and practices are introduced but not encouraged; instead, experimentation and the development of new or unusual methods are cultivated as a process of learning to accept one's own vision and inner voice.

Daily discussions and original art examples help to increase appreciation and tolerance of various forms of expressions and points of view.  These strive to lead the participants to a greater understanding of themselves while encouraging the positive vision of who they can become.

This program combines neurobiology and art within a daily awareness and skill development progression that creates neural pathways to increase positive interventions, integrations and interactions for the young women in our program.  For the young women in our program, many who struggle with emotional and behavioral regulations and for those who have experience trauma, this program provide a daily therapeutic and guided environment  in which skills can be effectively taught, trained and practiced.  Attributes such as compassion, empathy (See Service Quick Facts) and an increased awareness and responsiveness to the emotional landscape within and around us augments the understanding and application of real-world, problem-solving skill development.  It’s Your Brain! Train It! cycles to continually build and reinforce these concepts with our young women.  Each week’s curriculum provides opportunities where many real-world skill are integrated in a variety of application and newer skills developed, adapted and refined to enhance the existing patterns of everyday decision making.

And, when it is all said and done, art and expression are simply fun!!!

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