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Nathan Hofeling

Admissions Director

Nathan guides parents through the admissions process from start to finish. His experience managing insurance billing provides parents with an excellent resource when searching for program funding. Nathan completed a B.S. degree in accounting from Southern Utah University.

Janie Sabin

Licensing & HR Director

As the director of licensing, Ms. Janie Lynne Sabin oversees the policies and procedures for Zion Hills Academy and maintains the compliance with the State of Utah and all Accreditation departments associated with Zion Hills. Ms. Sabin obtained her B.S. from Southern Utah University, in 2007. Ms. Sabin has over seven years of experience as a Paralegal with direct experience in Property Law, Estate Planning and Business Law.

Josh Gardner


Josh manages the accounting duties at Zion Hills Academy. After completing a B.S. degree in accounting from Southern Utah University he spent time in a corporate environment with Ernst & Young, but has found the small town atmosphere of Cedar City, UT to be much more suitable. 


Oscar Fakahua

Program Director

Oscar has been able to work with youth in several different facilities throughout Southern Utah, helping them overcome challenges and providing motivational support. He attended Southern Utah University where he studied Sociology. Oscar also enjoys football and coaching sports. The years he spent as team captain and coach for various teams have influenced his leadership style and helped him become a sought-after motivational speaker. Oscar prides himself in being skilled at recognizing individual student/staff needs and adapting program-wide goals to meet those needs, resulting in enhanced self-esteem and personal student and staff success.

Linda Reeves, LCSW

Clinical Director

Linda received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Southern Utah University and her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Utah. Linda is passionate about mental health therapy and specializes in Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and EMDR trauma focused therapy. Linda’s experience includes working with children, adolescents, and adults. She also works with families to help heal and grow their relationships. Linda has experience in treating Reactive Attachment Disorder, trauma, anxiety disorders, ADHD, mood disorders, grief and loss, and issues with interpersonal functioning and communication. She loves to work with a team to help individuals succeed and enjoys working with clients and their families for the whole person approach.

LoraLynn Jones

Equine Therapy Director

LoraLynn Jones, owner of Changing Lives with Energy & Horses, is the Equine Program Director for Zion Hills Academy. She is a certified Equine Specialist with 43 yrs. of experience with horses and is certified by International EAGALA. LoraLynn studied Equine Science at Southern Utah University and holds numerous certifications through the State of Utah. Throughout the years, LoraLynn has proven that horses truly mirror a person’s emotions allowing them to safely work through and overcome their negative behaviors, issues and traumas.

Scott Sharp




Mr. Sharp has worked the last 30 yrs. in public education as a 5th grade teacher, Elementary Principal and High School Assistant Principal.  He has recently retired and is so excited to be the new principal at Havenwood Academy.  He has been married to his sweetheart MaryAnn for 36 yrs, has 2 daughters and 9 grandchildren.  His hobbies and interests include playing disc golf, playing bass guitar, playing the bagpipes and spending time with his family.

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